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FireWall 17 or FireWall 50 and FireLine 17 are recommended as robust products for the management of Fire Blight in commercial production of Apples and Pears, especially during bloom when disease models like Cougarblight by Tim Smith, Washington State University or MARYBLIGHT indicate treatment is necessary. FireWall is the cornerstone of Fire Blight management. FireLine is an excellent rotation or tank mix partner for use in conjunction with FireWall for Fire Blight management and is the product of choice where resistance to streptomycin is a concern.

FireWall and FireLine are excellent partner products around which a resistance management program can be built. Product rotation and tank mix strategies have been employed to ensure the long-term viability of these important Fire Blight management tools. AgroSource strongly encourages growers of Pome Fruit located in all regions of the country to establish a Fire Blight resistance management program.

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