About AgroSource

AgroSource, Inc. is a global life science agricultural-technology company with a Mission and Business Model designed and structured to serve the unique needs of specialty crop growers by identifying, developing, registering and commercializing new crop management products. AgroSource utilizes its core scientific, regulatory and commercial teams to manage its programs and ensure success.

The company began by focusing on the need by growers for improved bactericide formulations used to combat Fire Blight in pome fruit (apples and pears) and Bacterial Spot disease in Stone Fruit (Peaches and Nectarines) and various bacterial and fungal diseases of Vegetables and other crops. AgroSource met this need by developing FireWall™ and FireLine™; products with excellent physical and stability characteristics. These brands are now widely recognized as market standards for quality and performance on two continents.

Research and Development

AgroSource believes it is essential to stay attuned to the needs of growers. By design, AgroSource is structured to explore and provide innovative solutions for producers of specialty crops. AgroSource does this by continually investigating and researching novel chemical and biochemical technologies that hold promise for farmers in
technologically-driven markets.

The AgroSource R&D Team is a group of professionals with extensive experience in the scientific disciplines required for development and registration of products that offer a strong commercial value proposition to growers, while meeting a demanding consumer and regulatory environment.

AgroSource works closely with farmers, grower organizations, university researchers, and other local experts to investigate, develop and ultimately provide tools to overcome the obstacles to supplying quality agricultural products to the world.

Contact Us

FireWall and FireLine bactericide products are registered, manufactured and marketed globally by AgroSource, Inc. To contact AgroSource regarding FireWall, FireLine or other matters, please fill out the form below.

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