FireWall 17WP

FireWall 17 is recommended for management of the following bacterial diseases in certain ornamentals and home garden crops:
Ornamentals (except in California) Disease(s)
Berberis*, Carnation*, Forsythia*, Geranium*, Hederea* (Ivy), Impatiens*, Lonicera* (Honeysuckle), Philadelphus*, Philodendron*, Poinsettia*, Rudbeckia* (Black-eyed Susan), Salvia*, Syringa*, Viburnum* Bacterial leaf spot, Bacterial leaf rot, Bacterial Blight
Chrysanthemums* Bacterial wilt
Dieffenbachia cutting* Bacterial stem rot
Roses* Crown gall

Home Garden Crop Disease
Apple trees, pear trees Fire Blight
Pyrancantha ** Fire Blight
* except in California ** only in California

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FireWall 17WP
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