Timing Treatment
Pre-bloom (late winter – early spring) Foliar copper sprays.
Main bloom period (spring) FireWall17WP FireWall50WPand/or FireLine17WP as preventative/protective treatments when conditions favor fire blight.
Post bloom – (late spring – summer)
  • If secondary or ‘rattail’ bloom evident

  • If no secondary or ‘rattail’ bloom present
  • Foliar applications of FireWall and/or FireLine – or hand removal of side and/or rattail blooms

  • Prune, remove and destroy any limbs with fire blight symptoms
Dormancy (winter) Prune, remove and destroy any limbs with overwintering fire blight cankers

Note: Check with your local extension agent and/or Pest Control Advisor for specific recommendations. Also, refer to a fire blight disease forecasting model such as Cougarblight to assess potential disease in your orchard under local conditions.